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Our life will be dull and passive without the appearance and contributions of music. Music has evolved through different periods, and it have become more diverse and more abundant than human expectations.

Our life will be dull and passive without the appearance and contributions of music. Music has evolved through different periods, and it have become more diverse and more abundant than human expectations. However, not everyone has the opportunity to hear all the music in the world, so they need to have a music application that is capable of bringing the entire world of music into the hands of the user. One such application is Resso with a sophisticated and superior interface, along with many exciting features that make the music listening experience of the user improved. Also, it can synchronize lyrics with music, as well as allow users to create a Lyric Video with their favorite music.

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Resso is a smart music player, so it must have a perfectly designed interface, containing many different styles to satisfy users. The application’s interface will operate in a flexible and quick for users to access the features or categories needed by swipe, tap, pinch, etc. On the home page will be the place to propose new, trending, and based songs that users prefer. There is also a separate catalog containing all the songs of users, their favorite, and playlists. Everything the user needs, the application’s interface will immediately lead them where they need to go, meeting all the needs of the user.

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Resso is a music player that works online and offline, and it is ready to bring users a myriad of different songs. All the user needs is to search for his song, then listen and enjoy it. The application will bring users the best listening experience, with absolute sound quality that other online music players do not have. Of course, whether it’s a musician, band, or genre, this app is ready to list them all with simple search keywords. Moreover, users can download their favorite songs without limits, such as downloading entire playlists and even an album from idols.


Resso is an online music player, and it not only gives users the sound, but also the cover, lyrics, and much other information of a song. For songs that come with lyrics, they will automatically appear on the interface while listening to music, and they will be synchronized, providing a new listening experience for users. If your songs don’t have lyrics, then be the first to add it to the song, then share it with everyone. The app will provide users with a special editor, with the ability to synchronize the lyrics with the melody of the music, as well as accompanying live wallpapers, photos, and more to create a lyric video.

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With the application personalization feature, showing only the necessary content, Resso immediately captures the hearts of users thanks to that feature. Users can now settings their favorite categories, hide recommendations, and even design a custom interface that suits them. However, the application will retain essential categories, such as trending, hits, and many other statistics for users to track. Of course, all the recommendations of the application after personalization will only be based on the activity history, as well as the relevant category of the user. With the ability to allow users to personalize, create a music application for themselves, they will have a better user experience that other features cannot provide.


Resso is not only an online music application but also a place where people share their music and personal feelings about other songs. With each song that users love, they can send musicians a heart or comment on any segment of the song to express a personal opinion. Also, the application will introduce users to a feature that helps them edit their tracks for the last time before sharing. Features include a voice editing system, sound balance, effects, and more, giving it a professional DJ-like experience.

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If users do not know what song to listen to or want to find a new genre, they can try it via the available radio stations of the application. Each radio has its characteristics, and they will vary in genre, style, as well as the feelings that they bring to the listener. The application will have countless different radios for users to choose from, and users can play all, shuffle, and playlist. The radio system will always bring users new surprises, new songs, even the songs of their favorite singers anytime, anywhere.

Resso is currently one of the most popular music players on the market, and it works online, so it will constantly update new songs for users. If you are looking for something new, sensual, and even lyric, then this app would be a perfect choice for you.

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