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EZ Notes is a feature-rich, easy-to-use, and Hands Free voice organizer for Ultimate Mobility notes.

The ever-increasing pace of life implies that worldwide users require the fastest most efficient notes organizer for their notes. EZ Notes is the only Hands Free notes organizer which INSTANTLY Transcribes AND Saves voice notes (swipeable notes cards) via a Single Press of the Microphone! This disruptive innovation enables EZ Notes customers to save Maximum Time while achieving Hands Free Ultimate Mobility notes. EZ Notes provides many other customized features that empower users with profound advantages for the smoothest Mobile Experience. For example, we offer our industry-leading Rich Text Editor which again includes our superb Hands Free Voice transcription technologies for creating effortless notes even inside your notes editor! Modern users also prefer EZ Notes because we do not collect any personal data for selling to advertisers, nor do we require any app Permissions! EZ Notes has also been engineered to keep modern mobile devices Ultra-Slim and Efficient via Maximum Preservation of device resources like CPU, RAM, Storage Space, WiFi, and Battery! While other notes organizers press users on time via impractical and frustrating steps digging and clicking for notes, EZ Notes empowers mobile customers with Ultimate Mobility, Max Time Savings, Max Device Efficiency, complete data Privacy, and many other Freedoms for the smoothest daily Experience taking notes. Download EZ Notes to Enjoy a Premium Product and discover why EZ Notes has become so popular for taking notes.

✏️ Notes taking benefits of EZ Notes
. Enjoy hands free auto-saving voice notes
. Notes with clean interfaces for fast notes
. Swipe to auto delete notes & archive notes
. Voice notes, to-do notes, S-pen & notepad
. Notes on news, web, work & school notes
. Notes searched quickly + Folder notes
. Notes auto-archive +short/long-term notes
. EZ Notes is completely non-invasive notes
. Camera, mic, contacts, GPS are not abused
. EZ Notes is slim & efficient under 6MB size
. EZ Notes has zero sign-ups zero sign-ins
. EZ Notes has zero ads, zero subscriptions
. EZ Notes has zero recurring charges/fees

✏️ Notes sharing is super easy in EZ Notes
. Notes sharing & backup notes by EZ Export
. S-pen Markers courtesy of Daniel Sandler

✏️ EZ Notes common use note taking
. Weekly to-do lists via grid-view notes
. Scheduling via calendar reminder notes
. Notes on events, wedding notes, party notes
. Voice notes excellent for hands-free mobility
. Lecture notes, diagram notes, s-pen notes
. Homework notes, class notes, diary notes

✏️ EZ Notes is privacy-oriented & non-invasive
. Complete cybersecurity & offline privacy of notes. EZ Notes is the most non-invasive voice notes app. Only the sketch notes require READ / WRITE permission to LOAD / SAVE notes. Minimal Permissions by comparison to other notes apps. We do not collect your notes, voice notes, contacts, microphone data, camera data, nor GPS location just for you to take notes. Download EZ Notes today to experience a refreshingly new and easy way to take notes.

✏️ EZ Notes provides excellent support
. EZ Notes provides built-in help notes
. EZ Notes has fan page on Facebook
➙ http://tinyurl.com/jegk6ea

✏️ EZ Notes requires only one permission!
Storage: This is a non-invasive permission used by EZ Notes ("Markers") application, in order to Read/Write data From/To the canvas notes. This Permission only applies to Android 4.3 and below. For recent versions, there
are ZERO sensitive permissions required by EZ Notes.

EZ Notes is made in the beautiful USA to help everyone take easy notes. ❤ 🇱🇷
EZ Notes greatly appreciates everyone's Inspiring STARS and Comments to help us continue developing your EZ Notes. EZ Notes also greatly appreciates our fans who are sharing their notes app with others, to help everyone benefit from Ultimate Mobility notes via EZ notes ❤ (͡. ͜ʖ ͡.) 👌
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